IMG_012“I have had the good fortune to study viola with Lynne Richburg for the past several years. Her complete technical mastery of the viola and exceptional musicianship allow her to identify quickly and explain clearly what I need to do to improve my playing. She has that rare gift in a teacher of challenging a student to perform better without sacrificing the sheer joy of making music.”  ~ Mark Urban

“Lynne Richburg formed the spine of my viola playing and helped me reach a new level of discipline by keeping me continuously inspired.  Years later, her instruction continues to be relevant not only in my daily musical life, but also in the discipline I apply to all of my endeavors.  Lynne balanced musical discussions with technical exercises that targeted my individual needs which empowered me with the means to express my own musical ideas.  I now strive for this same balance as I teach my own students.” ~ Rebecca Reed-Lunn

“I have been very inspired by Lynne’s coaching in my viola lessons.  After many years of playing viola, since childhood and in the Auburn Symphony, I am surprised at all the basics I have neglected in developing my technique.  It is amazing that Lynne can hear and see exactly the small adjustment in my playing that makes a huge difference in my sound.  Lynne’s easy-going style is very comforting and encouraging.  I look forward to our sessions together each month.”  ~Caroline Disney

“Lynne Richburg is an excellent viola teacher. She is very detail oriented and helped me improve my technique. She also likes to challenge me and teaches me in different ways that exercise my skills. She has helped me improve my playing significantly, and is very encouraging. I would recommend her to any aspiring viola student.” ~Divya Lakshmi Bhaskar

“Lynne Richburg is helping me to achieve my goals as a violist. She is thorough in the analysis of my playing and offers suggestions that help me to practice more effectively. Her excellent guidance and encouragement have helped me feel more confident as a performer.”  ~Rhennie Boyle

Cassandra Lynne Richburg - violist
“It has been a great privilege and honor to study with you over the summer. Thank You for helping me achieve more confidence in my playing and inspiring me to reach ever higher. I am leaving for school with a deeper sense of determination, energy and passion in my musical endeavors.”   ~ Caroline Bishop


“You are a great viola teacher and the way you teach is very easy to understand and learn from. Rather than looking mainly at notes, dynamics and bowings, you help me feel the music and incorporate everything into one. In addition to that, all of your accomplishments have inspired me to look into different aspects of music.” ~Karli Ching


“I have been playing the viola for about eight years now. I started in 4th grade and continued to play until now, my junior year in high school. Before taking lessons with Lynne, I didn’t really understand the music; I was just simply playing notes on a page. Now, I am able to do more than read. I am able to put emotions into it and create a little story from the music. I have also learned new techniques that have allowed me to be able to get into the second highest group in the Sacramento Youth Symphony.” ~Jordan Lee

“During my experiences as a student (which I still currently am), I have had experience with bad teachers, good teacher, and great teachers.  I can say without a doubt, that Lynne Richburg is the last.
Her teaching style (which I am happy to say, I was able to experience for 5 years) emphasizes the strengths of the student, and corrects technique that down the road, can lead to unmusical quality of sound, and unhealthy playing habits that can lead to tendonitis.
She is very open, friendly, and welcoming of both compliments, and comments, and works with both student and parent to allow the aspiring musician to best grow into a playing style that brings out the best of the individual.
I have always had a great connection with Lynne, and even though I am in college, I still talk to her frequently, to get in touch, and get helpful hints into the life of a professional musician.  It takes great talent to be a good musician, but it takes a whole different set of skills to be a good teacher, and I can certainly say that Lynne possesses all of the above.” ~Jesse Simons


I am currently taking new viola students. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.


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