I thought from a very young age that music would be my vocation. As a graduate of East Lansing’s public school program, devoted and supportive parents, collegiate and post-school education, my passion and commitment, I have had incredible opportunities as a violist. These opportunities enabled me to travel with top orchestras in and out of the United States, perform as a soloist and chamber music artist, collaborate and work with some of the world’s best musicians in both classical and pop music.

I especially love the medium of chamber orchestras, and being an original member of the New Century Chamber Orchestra of San Francisco, is something of which I am very proud. I have also been fortunate to be a violist in the studio world of Los Angeles, playing in numerous movie sound tracks and orchestras for Academy and Emmy awards. I have been further enriched as a person through the joy of teaching and the success of my students.

The presence of music in my life has been and continues to be profound for it has the capacity to change lives, bring joy, add quality, and bridge understanding. I hope to continue to use my gifts as a violist to touch people’s hearts and souls and bring joy into their lives.


I am currently taking new viola students. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.


Modesto Symphony: Holiday Pops!
Friday, December 2nd & Saturday December 3rd, 2022

Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra: Home for the Holidays!
Saturday, December 10th, 2022

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