pages-titles-teaching2015bI love teaching. I feel that the study of music has so much to offer in many ways. I particularly connect with students of all ages from intermediate to advanced levels.

As a viola teacher, it is important to me to approach each student individually. I attempt to find out their goals and aspirations in order to help them succeed.

Every student is different with unique strengths and challenges. My goal is to understand how each student learns and to interject my knowledge in a way that helps them learn and discover their own voice along the way.

Helping students learn to how to play the viola includes: understanding practice techniques, learning to listen, interpreting and enjoying the music, and gaining confidence as performers. As your viola teacher, this is important to me.

Through the art of teaching, I find I learn a lot from my students as well. So it works both ways.

The experience of studying and playing music can be rewarding to each person in many aspects. I am glad to be able to work with, help guide, and offer my students this experience. My goal is to help them achieve their goals and have an enjoyable and meaningful music experience along the way.

I started taking private lessons in the 7th grade, and Catherine Britton and Wesley Dyring were my very first private viola teachers. They helped guide that initial spark and joy of playing the viola and making music.

Lyman Bodman was my viola teacher throughout my high school years. His devotion helped shape me as a player and artist and brought my playing as a student to a professional level.

Donald McInnes was my primary teacher during my college years and University of Michigan and the University of Southern California. His wonderful guidance and dedication were inspiring and was instrumental to my continued musical development and career.

I studied Orchestra Repertoire with Alan DeVeritch while a student at the University of Southern California. This interaction was valuable and started my Orchestra career.

There are many other private viola teachers and chamber music coaches I have been fortunate to work with over the years, and they include: Samuel Rhodes, Nanni Jamesin, Paul Coletti, Alberto Lysy, Burton Kaplan, Paul Neubauer, Toby Hoffman, Daniel Kobialka, Geraldine Walther, Gabor Rejto, Jean Barr, Alice Schoenfeld, Eleanor Schoenfeld, Donald Crockett, Larry Livingston, Stuart Canin, Leonard Stein, Mitchell Lurie and Daivd Schiffin.

I have learned so many valuable and meaningful things from each of these musicians and am grateful to have been able to work with them.

Viola Teaching
Master Classes; University of Pacific Summer Camp
Sacramento Youth Symphony (Viola Sectional coaching)
Californa All-State Orchestra (Viola sectional coaching)
Guest Coach at Mitchell Middle School in the Folson/Cordova United School District.
Natomas Charter School for the Performing Arts, Sacramento, CA
Music Fest Midwest (Master Classes/ Coaching for High School violists.)
Private Viola Students.
Teaching Assistant, USC
Mountain Team Concepts, Steamboat Springs, CO

Educational Programs
Wardcliff Elementary School in Okemos, MI; (presentations for grades 4th and 5th.
“Adventures in Music” sponsored by the San Francisco Symphony; (presented for grades 4th and 5th in the San Francisco school district)
New Century Chamber Orchestra educational program

Student’s Accomplishments
I am very proud of my students, past and present. They have been members of the Sacramento Academic and Premiere Orchestras, such as the San Francisco Youth Symphony, Camellia,  Auburn, and Folsom Symphonies.   Many have been active performers both as competition and scholarship winners.   Others have gone on to further their musical enrichment at the Interlochen Arts Academy and have attended Universities such as: Indiana, Butler, Sacramento State, Chapman, Arizona State, and the University of Colorado, to  pursue their musical careers.